Registration Procedure
Admission Age
  • Pre-Nursery Class (PN) 2-3 years old (the minimum admission age is 2 years old)
  • Nursery Class (K1) 3-4 years old (the minimum admission age is 3 years old), if children attained to age of 2 years and 8 months before 1st September of the school year of admission may be admitted.
  • Lower Class (K2) 4-5 years old
  • Upper Class (K3) 5-6 years old
Class Time
  • Morning Class: Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Afternoon Class: Monday to Friday, 1:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Whole-day Class: Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm
    School session can be extended from 8:00am to 6:00pm to meet the special needs of parents. If parents are not available to reach school on 6:00pm, it is good if they can contact school as soon as possible. Teachers will take care of students’ lunch, nap and revision.

Registration Procedure

Distribution of Application Form
  • We do not pre-set any limit on the quantity of Application Form to be distributed and any period for the distribution of it.
  • Parents may anytime Download the Application Form from our website or obtain the form from our Branches in person. Parents may also submit application via online enrollment at our website.
Submission of Application Form
  • Our school starts to accept Application Form for next school year commencing from 1st January of each year. However, only applications from children whose ages will meet the age requirement for admission in next school year will be accepted.
  • For example, parents can submit applications for their children to be admitted in 2024/25 school year (i.e. August 2024 or after) as early as on 1st January 2023.
  • Application for admission after the school year has started can be submitted anytime. It is advisable to check with the Branch whether there is any vacancy before submitting the Application Form.
  • Any Application Form submitted before the school starts to accept application for admission in next school year will not be processed and considered as invalid. Parents have to re-submit the application again after the application submission period has started.
Completion and Submission of Application Form
  • Parents may submit the Application Form by one of the following methods:
    1. Visiting the Branch of your choice in person to obtain the Application Form and returning it to the Branch after completion;
    2. Through Online Enrollment at our website, together with the required documents;
    3. Download from our website and returning the completed form to the Branch in person or by post. (We do not accept any Application Form submitted by email or fax.)
  • Documents which are required to be submitted together with the Application Form
    1. One 1.5 x 2 inch front view half length photo
    2. A copy of Birth Certificate
    3. A copy of injection record of Family Health Service (For Pre-Nursery Class enrollment, this record must include the record of immunization of the child at 1.5 years old.)
    4. FOUR stamped addressed envelope (Online applicants have to provide that when they visit the school to pay the Enrollment Fee.)
    5. A copy of address proof (Online applicants have to provide that when they visit the school to pay the Enrollment Fee.)
  • As the school will contact parents by phone, parents must provide a valid Hong Kong telephone number in the Application Form to avoid any delay in the processing of the application by the school.
  • Parents must pay the Enrollment Fee to confirm that the application has been accepted by the school and the enrollment procedure has been completed. Any application with outstanding information or document and Enrollment Fee will not be processed and no interview will be arranged.
  • The Enrollment Fee is HK$40.The paid Enrollment Fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Parents should keep the receipt issued by the school for the Enrollment Fee as a proof that the applications of their children has already been accepted by the school and the applications will be processed and interviews will be scheduled.
  • If parents submit applications to different Branches of Sun Island simultaneously, Enrollment Fee has to be paid for each Application Form submitted.
  • When parents submit the Application Form and the supporting documents to the Branch in person, the staff of the Branch will examine the information and the documents and request the parents to pay the Enrollment Fee to complete the enrollment procedure.
  • If the application is submitted by post or through the Online Enrollment, the school will examine the information and the documents as soon as possible upon receipt of the application. The staff will telephone the parents to come to the school to complete the enrollment procedure by submitting the required documents and paying the Enrollment Fee. If parents have not been contacted by the staff one month after the submission, parents please take the initiative to check with the Branch the progress of the application.
Interview Arrangement and Selection Criteria
  • All the branches of Sun Island will fairly and impartially admit students based on the following criteria:
    • ( 1 ) Performance of the child during the interview
      • The Principal or a teacher will interview each child individually with the company of the parents.
      • The objective of the interview is to observe the general development of the child through his/her interactions with the teacher, and thus to consider the suitability of the child to start schooling.
    • ( 2 ) Priority of acceptance will be given to the following children:
      • Relatives of the graduates and the currently enrolled students of the Branch to which the children are applying for admission. (For definition of relatives, please refer to “Definition of Relatives (for Enrolment)”.)
      • Children of the staff of Sun Island Education Foundation
      • Children who are living nearby (in the same district of the Branch)
  • Priority of acceptance will also be given to children from the below families who are applying for Whole-Day session in our school, however, parents have to provide corresponding documents to the school for verification. The provision of the corresponding documents is voluntary and will only be used for the purpose of the enrollment application of the children:
    • Families with two working parents (both parents are having a full time job)
    • Families who need to take care of one or more persons with a disability at home
  • Arrangement for admission application of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Children: When interviewing NCS children, interpretation service ( for applicants could be arranged where necessary, or parents and children are allowed to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/friend to facilitate communication. Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Parents can reach us at [email protected] OR fax to 2834 3322.
  • Number of Applicants to be interviewed: Taking into account of the limitation of time and manpower, our Branches will try their best to interview all the applicants. If the number of applicants is more than the Branch can cope with, the Branch will interview at least twice the number of vacancies of the Nursery (K1) Class being recruited, or about 85% of the total number of applications received.
  • Under normal circumstances, when the Branch formally receives the Application Form from the parents, the staff will inform the parents the date and time of the interview. Parents must accompany their children to attend the interview as scheduled. Parents who do not attend the interview arranged will be considered as giving up the application. If parents need to reschedule the interview, they have to inform the Branch as early as possible to make another appointment, provided that the Branch still has interview slots available. Parents, therefore, are advised to make sure that it is a possible arrangement when they are informed about the interview in the first instance to avoid any delay in their child’s application.
  • Date of Interview: According to the guideline of Education Bureau, all applicants of Nursery (K1) Class should be interviewed starting from November. We shall strive to conduct all the interviews in this month. Should individual Branch cannot complete all the interviews in November due to the number of applications, the interview period will be extended.
  • Notification of Interview Result (for the acceptance list and the waiting list students) : A Letter of Acceptance will be issued to parents before 15th December, 2023. Parents should return the reply slip to the school before the deadline stated in the Letter to confirm that the offer is accepted by the parents. Parents of children who are not on the acceptance list will also be notified in writing before 15th December. If the parents who want to put their children on the waiting list, please return the reply slip before the deadline stated in the letter.
  • Interview Arrangement for Pre-Nursery, Lower and Upper Class Applications: Interviews will be arranged as early as in September or October according to the arrangement of individual Branch. Parents will be notified the result of the interview as soon as possible after the interview. Thus, for admission of students other than Nursery (K1) Class, “first-come-first-serve” is one of the criteria in addition to the above mentioned selection criteria.
Registration of New Nursery (K1) Class Students
  • All the applicants for Nursery (K1) Class, who have been accepted, must register with the Branch during the “Centralised Registration Dates” specified by Education Bureau to confirm the place reservation for next school year. Parents must provide the original copy of the “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission” (hereafter referred to as “RC”) and pay the Registration Fee to complete the registration.
  • If the RC has not yet been issued, parents must provide a confirmation letter from Education Bureau certifying that the RC application is being processed. Once the RC is issued, the parents should submit the original copy of the RC to the Branch as soon as possible.
  • If parents cannot provide the RC or confirmation letter from Education Bureau, the Branch will not process the registration of the child and will not reserve any place for him/her. Therefore, parents should submit their RC application as early as possible so that the admission application will not be affected.
  • The “Centralised Registration Dates” for 2024/25 applications is 4th to 6th January, 2024.
  • Parents who do not complete the registration during the “Centralised Registration Dates” will be considered as giving up the place reserved for their children.
  • If parents give up the reserved place after registering with the Branch and paying the Reservation Fee, the RC will be returned to the parents. However, all the fees paid, including the Enrollment Fee and Registration Fee will not be refunded to the parents under all circumstances.
  • Should places still be available after the “Centralised Registration Dates”, parents of the children being wait-listed will be notified via phone/letter to register according to the order on the waiting list. Apart from making enquiry directly to us, parents may refer to the K1 vacancy information released by Education Bureau for any vacancies still available in Sun Island.
Registration of New Students of Pre-Nursery (PN), Lower (K2) and Upper (K3) Classes
  • Parents of children who have been accepted will be notified starting from November to complete the place reservation procedure and paying the Reservation Fee.
Registration Fee / Reservation Fee
  • $970 (Half-day session)
  • $1570 (Whole-day session)
Education Bureau (EDB) Website – Admission Arrangements for Nursery (K1) Classes in Kindergartens for the 2024/25 School Year:
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