Language Learning

The aim of the classes is to enhance the children’s language ability and help them express themselves more confidently.

Fun English Land

This course provides students with an interactive English learning environment. Our professional English teacher makes use of interesting activities, games and exercises to teach English vocabulary, songs and stories to develop the students’ interest in English. The curriculum focuses on English pronunciation and word recognition, and cultivates students’ confidence, self-discipline and social skills through various activities. Parents can learn more about the curriculum in the review booklet and the progress of the children’s learning.


Smart English Land

In this course, each class has a different theme, such as cooking, singing, stories, crafts and games, with various interesting activities to develop the children’s English listening and speaking skills and vocabulary. They can learn English in a relaxing atmosphere and gain different life experiences at the same time.智趣英語樂園.png
Primary One Admission Results

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