What should I do if I want to amend the information after submitting the online application.

If you want to make any amendments, you can send the information by email to us via [email protected], or contact the relevant branch directly. You may refer to the “Contact Us” on our website for contact information.

How do I know if your school has received my online application?

When you have submitted your application successfully, a confirmation email would be automatically sent to your email by the enrolment system.

May I submit more than one application in different branches of Sun Island? If yes, does my child have to attend the interviews separately?

Yes. The applications of every branch are handled on individual basis. Thus children will be asked to attend the interviews of different branches if they submitted the application for more than one branch.

How do I know the suitable age of my children for admission?

The admission age for each class is as follows:

  • Pre-nursery Classes(PN): Age 2-3
  • Nursery Classes(K1): Age 3-4*
  • Lower KG Classes(K2): Age 4-5
  • Upper KG(K3) Classes: Age 5-6

* The minimum admission age for Nursery Classes is 3 years old, but children attained the age of 2 years and 8 months before 1st September of the school year of admission may be admitted.
For further enquiries about admission age, please make use of the “admission calculator” provided by our website.

Are all the applications for nursery class being accepted on “first-come, first-served” basis?

No. Whether students will be admitted mainly depends on their performances of the interviews rather than the order of application.

According to the guideline of Education Bureau, all applicants of Nursery Class (K1) should be interviewed starting from November. We shall strive to conduct all the interviews in this month. Taking into account of the limitation of time and manpower, our Branches will try their best to interview all the applicants. If the number of applicants is more than the Branch can cope with, the Branch will interview at least twice the number of vacancies of the Nursery Class (K1) being recruited, or about 85% of the total number of applications received. Under this circumstances, interviews will be arranged on “first-come, first-served” basis.

When do the classes begin?

All classes of our schools begin in August each year. As there is adaptation period for new students at the beginning of the school year, the commencement dates for each class will be different.

What visit activities do the children join?

Sun Island will arrange different visits to let children acquire various learning experiences in accordance with the class levels and learning themes.

What is the difference in the curriculum between Chinese classes and Bilingual classes?

Cantonese is the main medium of instruction and Putonghua is one of the languages to be taught in the “Chinese Class”. The students also have English learning sessions conducted by English-speaking teachers.

English is the main medium of instruction of the Bilingual (English-Cantonese) Stream, the students are taught by Chinese teacher in Cantonese for about one-sixth of the school hours.

Does Sun Island provide school bus service?

Most of our branches have appointed school bus companies to provide school bus service to students living in neighboring districts. To know more about the school bus routes and other relevant details, please directly contact our branch staffs for enquiries.

Have the branches of Sun Island joined the “Free and Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme”?

All the Sun Island Kindergartens and Child Care Centres have joined the “Free and Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme”. All students with the “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission” (RC) will be eligible to this scheme.

When does Sun Island accept the applications for enrollment?

Our school starts to accept Application Form for next school year commencing from 1st January of each year. However, only applications from children whose ages will meet the age requirement for admission in next school year will be accepted. Application for admission after the school year has started can be submitted anytime. It is advisable to check with the Branch whether there is any vacancy before submitting the Application Form.

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