Life-wide Learning
Diverse Teaching

Sun Island caters for young children’s needs from all perspectives. In addition to providing knowledge from books, we provide sufficient life-wide learning to broaden their horizons and unleash their potential.

Catering for Children’s Needs

Our curriculum uses diversified methods. Our lessons include theme-based learning with spiral lesson planning to inspire students according to their characteristics and potential. The lessons are developed through exploring, planning, practising and sharing, focusing on project-based design, which arouses the children’s interest in acquiring knowledge, enhancing their motivation, exploratory spirit and thinking skills in the process.


Bi-literacy and

We emphasis bi-literacy and tri-lingual education. There are 4 branches that offer the Chinese stream, which uses Cantonese as the main medium of instruction, while English and Putonghua are also taught in class. The other 5 branches offer the bilingual stream (English-Cantonese), with English as the main medium of instruction and Chinese learning sessions, providing a conducive language learning environment for students.

Activity Approach

Gross motor skills activity rooms, music rooms and various learning corners have been set up. We encourage children to learn from games. In addition to theme-based learning in school, the branches arrange outdoor learning activities to provide the children with opportunities to gain experience and learn in the real world.


Keeping Pace with the Trends

Our curriculum includes topics that are closely related to modern society, such as environmental issues and technology, to cultivate a robust foundation in our future leaders. We also promote e-learning to make learning more interesting.

Creating a Loving and Caring Environment

Our schools have children from many different nationalities, respect the cultural differences among students, and promote an inclusive, loving and caring environment. Learning and playing together allows the children to develop mutual understanding and improve their language skills.


Preparation for Primary School

In the upper classes, we provide primary school information to parents and primary one adaption lessons to enhance the children’s confidence in making the transition to primary school.
Primary One Admission Results

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