Support for Non-Chinese Students and Families

Learning Support
Non-Chinese or non-local teachers are employed for efficient communication with non-Chinese students, and to tailor-make a suitable curriculum for them. Different branches also launch various learning programmes and activities, such as the dialogic reading programmes and extended game activities, to promote the ability to listen, speak and read Chinese for non-Chinese students.

Integrating into the Community
Parent-child Chinese classes and Chinese classes for parents are organized to provide an opportunity for non-Chinese parents and students to learn Chinese together, at the same time achieving the objectives of parent-school co-operation. Sun Island also has various social integration programmes and parent groups to promote mutual understanding and cultural interflow between local and non-local students and families.

Teacher Training

Teachers are encouraged to participate in professional development courses organized by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau and training courses provided by various institutes. Non-profit organizations are also invited to share their knowledge and skills in handling children’s emotions and behaviour with teachers. Therefore, teachers can combine theory with practice to teach professionally.

For example, Kwai King Branch joined the “C-for-Chinese Project”, funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Professors from The University of Hong Kong and The Education University of Hong Kong provide teacher training sessions, supervision and lesson planning training to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills for teaching non-Chinese students. Afterwards, the teachers conduct storytelling activities for non-Chinese students. The project also provides a subsidy to employ multi-cultural teaching assistants to help non-Chinese students learn Chinese.


Other Support and Academic Research

On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Service and School Social Services Events
All 9 Sun Island kindergartens joined the “On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services” (OPRS), funded by the Social Welfare Department. Inter-disciplinary service teams from Po Leung Kuk, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Hong Kong Christian Service provide on-site services for children with special learning needs. The services also help enhance parents’ knowledge and skills for nurturing children and provide professional counselling for teachers.

Furthermore, the Social Welfare Department launched the “Pilot Scheme on Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions” in February 2019. All 9 Sun Island kindergartens joined the scheme, in which social workers from Po Leung Kuk, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Hong Kong Christian Service provide a stationing service in schools, providing professional counselling and referral services for children and families, organizing activities and talks, and so forth.

University Research Projects Events
Sun Island actively collaborates with the early child education departments of various universities and joins their research projects to contribute to knowledge accumulation and professional development. Currently, we are participating in a research project called “Writing from the Start: The Writing Readiness Skills in Early Writing Development”, organised by the Early Childhood Department of The Education University of Hong Kong. The project provides teachers and parents with knowledge and suggestions to help the children develop writing skills; explore the development patterns and differences in the early writing readiness skills of local and non-local kindergarten students; and understand children’s learning needs at the early stage of writing. The findings of the research project are expected to help with better planning of teaching strategies in kindergartens.
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